What a Book!……….”SCRUM” by Dr Jeff Sutherland….. The Best Scrum Book I ever came across

Oh my goodness…

I am tired to death and I don’t even have energy to go and make my tea..

Lying down on bed which is definitely a mess… there is no better word to define the situation.. I am lying in that mess and no wonder with my worn down body I am definitely a part of it..

Just before closing my eyes and go to a nap I see a book lying down on the table beside. This was gifted to me by my friend yesterday morning. I just opened it and started checking it –

Cover Page:

Cover Page is not so lucrative besides having a well known (At least in Scrum Community) name “Dr Jeff Sutherland” on it in all Capital letters something I have not seen on many books unless the name is too short.

I go in and look at content page.. Hmm the content headers are short and interesting. Though not Its fine till now.


That’s Ok every writer takes more care while writing the Preface compared to care taken while writing whole book. But its little different.. It gives reference to some FBI and CAR manufacturing industry which I never thought of… Since I have seen Scrum being implemented only in Software Projects it gives bit of shocker and creates an interest to read further.

Chapter One:

I start reading with same interest as I read every other Scrum book. Since I want to make SCRUM my career and I like it, I do read books apart from having day to day experience with my Projects & training and coaching sessions. It sometime helps as reference or motivation etc.

I started reading page1 and then 2 and then 3 and 4… oh, this man sounds interesting, it’s actually taking my tiredness away.. Let me go and read ahead…

Oh my god I am on page 15 and still want to read it …

Amazing!… When I picked up this book I was damn tired and can’t even read 2 pages I have finished 15 so quickly..

What I liked:

  • The way book is written is just simple and is like an interesting novel, no scrum team pictures, no typical scrum workflow diagram and bla bla … hey it’s so simple and a smooth running movie story
  • It has a little bit of suspense and drama attached to it, and well written by him, which keeps interest going on
  • The FBI example taken as a backbone of the story and contents is fantastic and has great interesting characters..
  • No bullets to highlight learning or important points, you get it in the story itself…

Just after reading these many pages I have become fan of Dr. Jeff and I would like to meet and talk to him and obviously take an autograph sometime..

Dear friends if you do care for good and interesting scrum books.. Do buy this. It’s worth reading and also showcasing it on your bookshelf.

Enjoy. I will update the complete experience once I finish this one.

Jeff Sir,

Thank you.

Long live and keep writing.


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