Success Based Greed

One fine Morning,
Me and my wife on vacation went to my in laws farm. My wife just thought of aiming stones on mangoes (from mango tree obviously 🙂 ) and get them down. I tried my hand at it, which was little difficult in the beginning but when I could get one first Mango down with a 10 on 10 aim we got happy and then I again went after achieving the success story again (I dunno why)
By the time we stopped (obviously when I felt my hand is giving tough time) we had almost 20-25 mangoes in our bag and we were happy to see it…..

But a question struck to our mind..
What to do with it..

Some how we thought of giving some to thy neighbors (I called it social service)

Ultimately this was a waste. At times you get success doing something but dunno what to do with the end product… I lost my

1) energy

2) Time

3) got in to guilt mode in end for waste created.

So planning for the outcome and its use before getting success is important else success based greed will take us on a ride.

Vijay Wade


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